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 layers of guitar feedback and microsample repetitions into crescendoes evoking the ebb and flow of the universal pulse.

गृह / GRHA

... for all of us who need to find the strength in their 'unbelonging'.

एकः / EKAH

one; singular. here. now.

an improvisation and recorded in a single session with a bass drone played over the final arrangement holding it together with  long melting tones.


a minimal ambient rendition of a cult favourite  with reverb laden arpeggio looping and voice.

'Hit the bottom and escape'


an expression of surrender and solace to the inevitable chaos that we furiously battle to stay afloat;  offering respite in moments of clarity as the current carries you, leaving you adrift.

उद्यान / UDYAN

a seasonal soundscape that is born as a seed -बीज / Beej; it waits in the earth भूमि / Bhumi, for rain - वर्षा / Varsha before it pushes up towards the sky, drawing strength from the sun - सूर्य / Surya; and over time - समय / Samay it grows. 

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